Digital ID

Identity Management

Digital ID and access management solutions will modernize and digitally transform the way you traditionally manage access to data including building locations. This platform allows clients to customize their identity management policies so that data can be protected anywhere it resides by using biometric features in compliance with safety regulations.

  • Remediates non‑compliance issues by automating and easily managing monetary transactions.
  • Minimizes security risks.

Verify your identity anywhere, anytime

  1. Login/Registration
  2. Begin Registration
  3. Scan Passport*
  4. Loading Information
  5. Face Scan
  6. Complete Profile
  7. Personal Profile

*Only the passport owner herself retrieves the data from the passport. Prior to that she has to download the ndIdent App which is installed on his own device. The retrieved data is only stored locally on his phone, no third party has access to it. The passport owner can now provide and share actively and deliberately this information to a third party. The technology will only be offered in accordance with the relevant national regulation; selected countries do not yet allow its usage.