Digital Wallet

Frictionless and Fast Payments

ndPAY digital wallet provides clients instant access to a host of online and in-store payment services: retail payments, remittances, airtime top-ups, m-government, bill payments and more, all while earning vouchers and loyalty points.
The digital wallet solution through our application is all about making the citizen’s cash or debit card experience smooth and fast. The client’s digital wallet experience is designed so they are comfortable making transactions using their mobile devices.

  • Send and request money instantly, for free
  • Link a bank account or debit card in seconds
  • Two-click process via Inapp, text message, email or social media
  • Technology is supported by a comprehensive card network
  • Industry disruptor by changing the way payments are made
  • Payment solutions are fast, cost-effective, secure and invisible to the user
Start using services immediately.
  • No registration fees.
  • Mobile-centric or allowing data transactions to be mobile.
  • Privileges given from purchases such as loyalty offers
  • Increases usage frequency through other services such asmoney transfers, bill payments, and salary disbursements.